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Alpha 1 – Test 2 Launch Day Revealed

June 27th, 2019 at 11:14 am

It’s official: Alpha 1 – Test 2 is starting on Wednesday, July 10. Plenty of new content awaits the brave!

Dear Fractured followers,

we’re a little late, but we’ve made it: Alpha 1 – Test 2 is almost ready to ship!

It’s therefore our pleasure to officially announce the start day of the second (and last) testing Phase of Alpha 1. It’s Wednesday, July 10, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT)

While the scope of Test 1 in April was to get your feedback on basic game mechanics and assess server stability, work for Test 2 was largely focused on adding new content to the game. As described in the roadmap, content added consists of new creatures, spells, and crafting / housing / equipment options.

According to community feedback, Fractured was deemed to be already (relatively) polished in Test 1. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to get rid of over 30 bugs in the last couple months. That should guarantee you an even smoother testing experience!

So… Are you ready to draw your swords once again? Read on for more info!

Alpha 1 – Test 1 FAQ

1. Who has access to Alpha 1 – Test 2?

All players who have purchased (or will purchase!) a Knight pack or higher in our store have access to Alpha 1 – Test 2 and all future testing phases.

We’d like to remind you that current Kickstarter-like packs, which include Alpha 1 access, are now on sale and will be phased out at the end of Alpha 1 – Test 2

2. I have access! How do I get my key?

You don’t need to redeem a key. Your account is automatically granted access to the game!

3. How long is the test going to last? Are servers going to be up all the time?

Our plan is for Test 2 to last for one week, just like Test 1. Servers should be online most of the time.  

4. What happens after?

We’ll collect your feedback and your bug reports, wipe the world and all characters, and start working towards Alpha 2, planned for Q3 2019.

Public servers won’t be available in the meantime, with the exception of a few “testing weekends” open to players with Alpha 1 access, which can be purchased on our store before the end of Alpha 1 – Test 2.

5. Did you manage to implement all that was planned?

Almost all of it! More info on the matter will be revealed in a “what’s new” mini-trailer before the test begins.

6. How do I download the game?

We’re going to add a download page on the website right on launch day. This time there will be a proper installer – no more SpatialOS launcher!

7. Is Alpha 1 covered by an NDA?

It’s not. You can stream, make videos, post screenshots, write articles, anything you like!

See you soon in game!


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