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Alpha 1 Launch Announced

April 4th, 2019 at 12:52 pm

It’s confirmed: Alpha 1 – Test 1 is starting on Wednesday, April 10! Fractured’s going public for the first time!

Dear Fractured followers,

the time has come: we’re finally ready to announce the opening day of Alpha 1!

The first testing phase, labeled Alpha 1 – Test 1, is starting on Wednesday, April 10, at 4pm CET (10am ET), and is expected to last for one week.

As you know, this is the very first public test of the game, coming 8 months after our Kickstarter campaign. While we apologize for being a little behind schedule, we believe it’s still a good time frame for an MMO project – particularly one developed by an 8-people team!

The scope of A1-T1 (and of Alpha 1 in general) is to allow you to evaluate the foundation of the game. Plenty of bugs and missing features are to be expected 😉

We can’t wait to receive all the feedback from the lucky ones with access to Alpha 1 who have the chance to help us shape the future of Fractured!

Ready to draw your swords? Read on for more info!

Alpha 1 – Test 1 FAQ

1. Who has access to Alpha 1 – Test 1?

All players who have purchased (or will purchase!) a Knight pack or higher in our store have access to Alpha 1 – Test 1 and all future testing phases.

2. I have access! How do I get my key?

You don’t need to redeem a key. Your account is automatically granted access to the game!

3. Are servers going to be online all the time?

Yes! A few hours of downtime during the deployment of new patches is to be expected though.

4. What happens after?

We’ll collect your feedback and your bug reports and start working towards Alpha 1 – Test 2, also planned for Q2 2019. Public servers won’t be available in the meantime.

5. What are the most notable missing features in Alpha 1 – Test 1?

The Knowledge System is likely the largest one. Instead of being able to learn new abilities, you’ll be given a spellbook with a couple dozens already available for testing purposes. The other big absentee are Towns, Governors & Politics: for now, you’re just able to claim your own personal plot of land.

Of course, there are plenty of other relevant parts of the game missing: the party system, guilds, (most) monster loot, (most) monster abilities, trading between players, etc.  

6. How do I download the game?

We’re going to add a download page on the website right on launch day.

7. Is Alpha 1 covered by an NDA?

It’s not. You can stream, make videos, post screenshots, write articles, anything you like!

See you soon in game!


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