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Relaunch Patch Notes & More

November 8th, 2023 at 12:08 am

Launch has been postponed from 4pm to 7pm CET and a massive balancing patch is being released beforehand! Get all the details!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Here’s a final post before relaunch with an extensive patch log, mostly balancing-related, and more!


New Launch Time

As announced a couple days ago, we’ve postponed the time of launch from 4pm CET (10am EST) to 7pm CET (1pm EST) to better allow the people of Valve (Steam), based in the US West Coast, to support us during the relaunch. The day is still November 8!

Apologies to our EU friends who will have less time to play during the evening and our friends in Asia who will likely have to wait for the following day. Sadly it was necessary for technical reasons.

Launch Discount

As it is customary for Steam launches, we’re going to have a launch sale lasting for 1 week – the standard duration for this type of event. We’ve opted for a 20% discount on access, which is applied equally to Steam and to our own store.

Please note that buying the game on Steam is the same as buying an Adept founder pack, and the discount applies only to said pack.

Game Masters & Mods

Here’s a clarification on the roles of volunteer Game Masters and Moderators, since we’ve seen discussionw on the topic show up more than once in the last few days:

  • Game Admins have a dedicated admin account with extensive powers that include creating items and world entities, spawning monsters, etc. Game Admins are not allowed to play as regular players, under no circumstance.
  • Game Masters have a dedicated admin account with limited powers focused on helping other players (e.g. moving them when stuck) and punishing those who violate the rules. They can’t create items, spawn monsters, or do any action that can provide an economic benefit to themselves or other players. A Game Master can play as a regular player on a separate regular account.
  • Moderators can mute players who engage in chat rule violations. They can obviously play as regular players and can choose whether to have that power on their regular player account or not.

If you want to apply for any of those, reach out to!

Patch Log

Here come all the changes you’re going to find tomorrow! Brace yourselves, because it’s a lot!


  • Cloth Armor
  • Commoner Clothes: Physical Armor 200 => 300, Magical Armor 200 => 250
  • Assassin Clothes: Physical Armor 350 => 400, Magical Armor 200 => 300
  • Scholar Clothes: Physical Armor 250 => 350
  • Hide Armor
  • Hide Armor: Physical Armor 400 => 450, Magical Armor 250 => 200
  • Leather Armor
  • Leather Armor: Physical Armor 350 => 400
  • Ranger Armor: Physical Armor 450 => 500
  • Rogue Armor: Physical Armor 400 => 450
  • Plate Armor
  • Plate Armor: Physical Armor 900 => 700, Magical Armor 400 => 300
  • Slayer Armor: Physical Armor 800 => 700, Magical Armor 220 => 200
  • Knight Armor: Physical Armor 1200 => 1000


  • Durability is now regularly removed from any active (if you have a shield equipped but have a 2h weapon active, the shield is not active) player equipment while the character is in combat. Being “in combat” is determined server-side and independent from the “toggle combat mode” functionality in the client.
  • The durability values of all equip item categories have been tweaked.
  • If you multiply the durability of an item x100 you get the average amount of seconds that item will last in combat. For instance, a metal weapon has 300 durability, meaning it will last 300×100=30.000 seconds (8.3 hours) on average.
  • In general, items last much longer, especially T2 items.
  • Getting downed now causes a durability loss of 4% of max durability for T1 items and 2% for T2, down from 5% for all.

Monster Damage

  • Average DPS of CR (6,7,8,9,10) monsters increased from (180,220,300,400,600) to (200,300,450,600,800).
  • Spell Damage Increase has been given/increased for most “mage” monsters of CR >= 5.

Gathering & Crafting

  • Material processing now takes 15 minutes x amount, instead of 1h + 1.5h x amount. This means that a 10x processing now takes 2.5h instead of 16h.
  • Stone now respawns in 20m. Will be raised after launch.
  • All other minerals now respawn in 1h instead of 2h.
  • Common woods now respawn in 1h instead of 2h.

Item Quality

  • Item quality no longer gives durability.
  • Item quality now gives 2% damage increase to weapons per level.
  • Item quality now gives 5% armor increase to armor per level.


  • Enchanting T1 weapons, shield and armor now requires twice as much Enchanting Dust (which means it now costs 40% of T2 items instead of 20%).
  • Enchanting an item to any level past 1 now requires 3 times the dust required by previous levels instead of 2. E.g. a necklace used to require 10-20-40-80, now requires 10-30-90-270.
  • What this means in practice: enchant level 1 is as easy as before (actually easier for weapons), level 2 is slighly harder, level 3 is definitely harder, level 4 is truly elite and not meant to be seen often.
  • The gold cost of upgrades was 30 times the cost in dust – it’s now 50 times.
  • Enchanting resist bonus to armor reduced from 15% to 10% per level.
  • Enchanting damage bonus to weapons reduced from 5% to 4% per level.


  • Quality is no longer guaranteed by mastery. Instead, mastery increases the chance to craft items of better quality, as in the picture attached. Highlighted are the 5 main “steps” of progression:
    alt text
  • Recipes are no longer required to craft T2 items.
  • Weapon recipes are re-introduced.
  • Reading a recipe grants 10 Boosted Crafts for the item. You can choose from the crafting menu whether to use a Guided Craft or not if you have it available.
  • A Boosted Craft gives 2x the mastery gain (unless you are already at 10.000, of course).
  • A Boosted Craft rolls quality as if your mastery was 50% higher than it is (e.g. 3000 => 4500).

Crafting Mastery

  • The 5 tiers of crafting mastery now have names displayed in the Book UI: Inept, Novice, Adept, Expert, Master.
  • Crafting a T2 item requires reaching Adept rank in the related T1 item.
  • The approximate number of items that need to be crafted to reach the 4 ranks are: 10, 30, 90, 270, disregarding the tier of the item. Armor main pieces still grant 2x gains.

Gold Balancing

  • Gold drops from Divine Rewards have been decreased considerably all over.
  • Gold drops from monsters of CR 3-5 have been decreased – particularly CR4, which includes most bandits. The 2 bandits of CR5 no longer have a 50% gold drop boost, too.
  • The cost to claim a land parcel in the wild is now 2000 instead of 4000.

Alchemy Balancing

  • From X oils and reagents, the Aspect Extractor now produces 2X Extracts instead of X.


  • Druid now starts with Crushing Assault and Heavy Blow instead of Shield Slam and Resonating Blow. It is required to craft a primitive quarterstaff instead of primitive club + primitive shield.
  • Aeromancer now starts with Shocking Lash and Magnetize instead of Thunderbolt and Thunderclap.
  • The Gladiator background lost Decimate and got Lacerate.


  • Bloodlust now only drains HP on bleeding opponents.
  • Bleed duration at 100 stacks: 25s => 30s.
  • Sharp Strike: bleed stacks 0.75 x STR => 1 x STR.
  • Thick Skin damage reduction reduced from 8 to 5 per point.
  • The full set bonus of the Battlemage Armor has been reworked as follows: “Whenever you cast a magical ability, you gain an amount of Spellweaving Stacks equal to 10% of the Mana Cost of that ability for 10 seconds, up to 200. Each Spellweaving Stack adds an Energy Damage bonus to your weapon equal to 1% of its the Base Damage.”. Practical effect: before if you were using a Dagger with a base damage of 90 and a quarterstaff with 140, they would both deal 300 energy damage per attack at max stacks (300). Now at max stacks (200) they deal 180 and 280 bonus damage per attack respectively.
  • The Workshop city building can now contain any processing station, but no final crafting station.

Oh yes, it’s a lot indeed! See you in game tomorrow!


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