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Patch b.1.0d – Exploits & Balancing

November 15th, 2023 at 3:34 pm

Here comes the first medium-sized patch since EA launch, rich with exploit fixes, bug fixes, and some of the most urgent balancing changes!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthustiast!

Here comes the first medium-sized patch since EA launch, rich with exploit fixes, bug fixes, and some of the most urgent balancing changes. Regarding the latter, another patch will follow next week, focused on:

  • Further spell and equip balancing
  • The school of archery
  • The school of Fencing

For now, let’s get into this one!



  • Carts can no longer be stolen on Terra.
  • Evil players must wait for 20 seconds from the moment they are downed before they can suicide. This is to prevent them from using suicide to avoid being jailed.
  • Once a player has been released from jail and assigned the special status of having Neutral alignment with negative Karma, switching back to Evil at the shrine no longer resets Karma to 0.


  • Players can no longer get stuck in jail when building it.
  • Monster attacks are correctly shown in the bestiary.
  • A warning message has been added when trying to siege a city under siege protection.
  • The borders of sieges in other continents are no longer visible.
  • The Halberd recipe no longer drops.
  • Alchemy Shops and Mage Shops shows can now be placed correctly.
  • The notification icon is no longer shown on the store button when receiving mail.
  • Death/KO popups now report the names of killing mobs and spells correctly.


Parcel Maintenance

  • Land parcels are no longer immediately lost when deposited gold would go negative. The parcel now goes into debt (ie -2000 gold). When the next maintenance comes 1 week later, if gold deposited is still below 0, the parcel is lost.
  • When a parcel goes into debt, a message is added to the in-game mailbox of the player, and an email is sent to the player’s account email address.

Execute Rework

  • Executing a player now takes a bit longer. Receiving damage still doesn’t interrupt it.
  • Executing now has its own animation and VFX!
  • Even death itself has a much nicer animation now!

Mailbox Reminder

  • When entering the game with unread messages in the mailbox, a reminder popup opens up.
  • This behavior can be disabled from the options menu.


Armor Resists

  • Battlemage Armor: Magical Armor 500=>400, Energy Resist 1200 => 600.
  • Knight Armor: Magical Armor 600 => 400.
  • Common Clothes: Physical Armor 300 => 200.

Armor Encumbrance

  • Each encumbrance point now reduces your final Dodge Chance by 2%. That means that if your encumbrance is 20, and the Accuracy vs Evasion formula for a specific attack gave you a 30% chance to dodge, that chance is actually 18%.
  • Let’s make dodging something for light-armored builds only (mages and assassins, and a little harder to pull off for archers and rogues), as it was meant to be.
  • The Armor Mastery talent now reduces encumbrance by 25% instead of 50%.

Status Effects

  • Poison damage at 0-100 stacks is now 5%-20% of max HP instead of 5%-30%.


  • Mithril: Encumbrance -50% => -25%, Durability +50% => +25%.
  • Shadow Steel: Encumbrance -50% => -25%

Spell Balancing

  • Crushing Shout: Damage [16-24]xWIS => [16-24]xSTR, Stun 0.12xWIS => 0.06xWIS (this was an oversight, base data weren’t updated when the x2 mechanic on first target hit was introduced).
  • Staggering Shout: Damage [16-24]xWIS => [16-24]xSTR
  • Ember Dragon Breath: Mana/s 200=>280, Damage [24-36]xINT => [20-30]xINT, Stacks 1.8xINT => 1xINT.
  • Arboreal Dragon Breath: Mana/s 200=>280, Stacks 2.4xINT => 1.8xINT.
  • Incinerate: Mana/s 180 =>240, Stacks 1.8xINT => 1.2xINT.
  • Deep Freeze: Stacks 2.4xINT => 1.6xINT.
  • Mage Armor: Physical Armor 30xWIS => 20xWIS.
  • Skeletal/Mountain Dragon Breath: Mana/s 200=>280.

We’ve got some good stuff here! Cheers!


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