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Last Week For Pledge Packs

July 27th, 2019 at 11:01 am

It’s time for Kickstarter-replica packs to say goodbye: alpha 1 access, lifetime VIP and limited offers will soon be gone!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

A few weeks ago, we anticipated that July would be the last month for Kickstarter-replica pledge packs. Well, July’s endings, and it’s time for packs to say goodbye!

On August 1, the Fractured store will be overhauled as follows:

  • Current pledge packs will be phased out and three founder packs will be added. The cost of access will be the same as current non-sale prices (€25 for Beta 2, €50 for Beta 1, €90 for Alpha 2), but the new packs will be less value-oriented (less Gold, VIP time, etc). Alpha 1 access won’t be available in the new store!
  • You’ll be able to buy Dynamight Gold…
  • …and spend it on cosmetics (pets, housing decorations, skins, etc).

State Of The Store

For your convenience, here’s a recap of what’s left in the current, soon-to-be-gone store:

  • All the 2.5k and 5k packs are gone, aside from a single Warlord of Tartaros. Poor lonely pack, will it find a home?
  • All Aristocrat and Creator packs were also gone, but we’ve been contacted by some community members who really regretted not being able to grab one. Therefore, we’ve decided to add a few units of each for this last week!
  • Governor packs are over, but town-ownership offers might make it back to the new store one day.

Testing Weekends

If you have Alpha 1 access, you won’t have to wait for the start of Alpha 2 to play Fractured again: testing weekends are coming!

To be run in August and September, they’ll give you the chance to preview:

  • The Knowledge System. Yes, it’s finally coming!
  • Enchanting: fine tune your equipment to fit your character’s build.
  • New areas & creatures: Goblins Territories & Heartwood.
  • Carts for moving heavy materials: the most requested minor feature!
  • The outcome of the porting of Unity and SpatialOS to their latest versions and the switch to new networking protocols: better framerate and hopefully no more failed login / disconnect issues.

We’re soon going to detail all of the above in an upcoming proper roadmap post.

Once again, we’d like to remind you that Alpha 1 access won’t be purchasable in the new store. You want it, there are only a few days left to get it 🙂

This is all for today. Stay tuned for the roadmap to Alpha 2!


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