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Engage and Win with The Foundation

June 30th, 2017 at 3:54 pm

Enter The Foundation, Fractured’s unique community engagement program, and win Kickstarter-like rewards… for free!

Last week, when we hit the milestone of 2,000 registered users, we stated that our referral program was only partially implemented, and promised you another revolution. Today, this feature is live in all its glory. Give a warm welcome to The Foundation!

Enter The Foundation

What is The Foundation? Well, although connected to recruiting friends, The Foundation is much more than a “glorified referral program”. It’s a system that rewards you for doing all the small things that show your interest in Fractured and its success: posting your feedback and ideas, engaging with other members of the community, browsing the latest updates and sharing them with your friends. Each of such actions is represented by one or more quests that, once completed, grant you points to climb the ladders of The Foundation.

Other than the above, there are a couple other ways you can gain Foundation Points:

  • By inviting your friends to register to Fractured and getting them too engaged in The Foundation.
  • As thanks for having given us your trust so early: the older your account the better, thanks to the daily points bonus!

Now that the system has been explained, let’s get to the juice. The perks you can get by increasing your Foundation Level are unique and plenty: forum and game titles, armor skinsmountspets, and much more. They’re the kind of prize you would expect from Kickstarter pledge packs. Instead, you can get them all for free, starting today. Plus, you can directly compare your progress with that of other fellow players in the leaderboard!

As you will quickly notice, this first edition of The Foundation only features a limited set of quests compared to the whole bunch we’ve designed. The others will be released over time together with game feature spotlights and additions of whole new functionalities to the system. Similarly, higher Foundation Levels will be unveiled over time – we’ve already planned over 200!

I know of one question that might come to your mind: won’t giving out so many rewards hurt our future crowdfunding campaign? The answer is: probably a little, yes. However, we strongly believe that an engaged community is the key to the success of any MMO, and we’re glad to reward your engagement.

And now… enjoy The Foundation!


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