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Alpha 1 – Test 2 Is Live!

July 11th, 2019 at 1:58 pm

The second Alpha test of Fractured has started. Come find out what’s new!

Dear Fractured followers,

rejoice: Alpha 1 – Test 2 has started!

Want to have a quick look at all the content that was added? Check out the video below!

Here’s a more detailed recap of what’s new to test out:

  • Chests;
  • Indoor & outdoor decorations;
  • Tanning Tub (leather curing);
  • Workbench;
  • Leather armor set;
  • Move / Destroy functions for items in claims;
  • Blueprint / item rotation;
  • Improved blueprint snapping;
  • Weapon poisoning;
  • Monsters: Spiderling, Giant Spider, Black Widow, Crawling Horror, Ghoul;
  • Spells: Paralyzing Strike, Poison Strike, Heavy Blow, Mage Armor, Cobweb, Entangling Web, Ice Spikes, Poison, Chilling Touch, Fireball, Magic Missiles, Paralyzing Touch.

…and of what was included in our roadmap but sadly hasn’t made it:

  • New house types (to be patched in soon);
  • Item quality / durability;
  • Relinquish Claim function;
  • Monsters: Spider Lich, Zombie, Skeleton, Skeletal Warrior, Skeletal Mage;
  • Spells: Absorb, Weaken, Fear, Deep Freeze, Frost Blast, Blight, Mana Drain;
  • The porting to the latest version of Unity and the latest Unity/SpatialOS integration.

All of the missing content listed above hasn’t been discarded – it will be there in the next release!

Too Many Bugs

Before moving on to the standalone client, we’d like to extend an apology to all of you for the number of bugs in the build – definitely higher than what’s acceptable.

As vacation time for many of you was (likely) approaching and the release date for test 2 was already a couple weeks late, we’ve decided to go live even if some of the new features hadn’t been tested in depth. More specifically, we’re talking about new content related to land parcels, such as blueprint moving / rotation and tanning tubs. This has proven to be a very bad idea. The lesson is learnt and the mistake won’t be repeated.

Of course, we’re already hard at work to create a hotfix patch for the most critical bugs, which we hope to release this week already!

Standalone Client

We’re aware of the issues some of you had in Test 1 with the SpatialOS launcher. That is why we have been working on a “classic” installer for the game, which is also going to feature a proper patcher in the future.

While that wasn’t immediately available due to a last-minute technical issue, it is now! If you have access to this testing phase, you can find it on the usual Play page! Enjoy!

See you in game!


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