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Winter Alpha Spotlight – City Overhaul

January 27th, 2021 at 3:57 pm

Come discover how player cities are being reworked following community feedback and how the continent of Myr is going to look like!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Here we go with the second update on the upcoming Winter Alpha after the one on the criminal system.

The focus this time is on player cities – and it’s on video! Check it out below!

Jan 31 Live Q&A

The preview we’ve released yesterday has generated a heated discussion on our forums and Discord, mostly due to larger guilds feeling their city-building efforts may be “leeched” by non-citizens.

As mentioned, the video only covered a small portion of the news regarding player cities, skipping topics such as taxation and nation-building that make city-building a must for competitive guilds (and a massively profitable effort).

To compensate, you’re all invited to take part in a live Q&A / roundtable on the topic that will be taking place this Sunday, January 31, at 6pm CET (12pm EST) on our Twitch channel. Yes, we’ll be using Twitch instead of YouTube for the first time!

Feel free to leave your questions in advance as comments to this update (i.e. in this forum post).

What’s Next

Today’s video was but the second of a long series! Future spotlights are going to cover topics such as:

  • City raids and conquests;
  • The creation of nations;
  • The Tech Tree, the core of city progression;
  • The new city ranking and maintenance systems;
  • The city marketplace;
  • …and much more!

Once again, the upcoming test is going to be packed with new features and content, so… stay tuned! 😉



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