Account Data Transfer - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Please read the following paragraphs carefully.

This page allows you to transfer to Dynamight Studios all data related to the Fractured Online Store purchases that you've completed on Glyph or Steam. Personal data such as your email and password can't be transferred from Glyph, and you are thus required to input them again.

Please note that while this page looks like the form to register a new account, you are most likely NOT registering a new Fractured Online account here. Instead, you are assigning purchase data, email and password to the Fractured Online account that was automatically created the first time you launched the game via Glyph, or that was migrated to Glyph in the spring 2022 account migration.

In the (unlikely) event you purchased the game on the Glyph store but never actually launched it, a new Fractured Online account will be created.

Login into your Glyph account here to retrieve your migration token. You'll find it printed at the bottom of the page in the "Data Transfer" section.

If you have launched Fractured Online through Glyph in the past you already have a username. If so, your old username will be used and whatever you input here will be ignored.

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