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The Legends Have Arrived

November 22nd, 2020 at 1:51 pm

The first content patch of Fall Alpha has gone live – featuring legendary creatures, lost tales and and city decay!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

After the first bug fix patches, we are glad to present to you today the first content patch of Fall Alpha, featuring the legends, the lost tales and and city decay.

Of course, this new release features plenty of bug fixes as well. Check out this forum thread for all the details!


The first 9 legends, mythical versions of existing creatures, have been added to the game:

  • Zephyr, Spirit of the Forest (Wisp)
  • Groove, Shaker of Worlds (Earth Elemental)
  • Lord Eoronn (Treant)
  • Murag-Gul (Mountain Troll)
  • Malakar the Devourer (Ghoul)
  • Axfitmithiss, Frozen Plague (Spider Lich)
  • Black Chief Utabogg (Goblin Shaman)
  • Crimson Claw (Bear)
  • Queen Xeretrixx (Giant Spider)

Some of them can spawn (almost) everywhere in the world, others only at a few specific locations. It’s up for you to figure each one out! 😉

There can’t be more than 5 legends alive in the world at the same time. If when a legend falls other 4 already exist in the world, it takes 10 minutes for a new one to re-incarnate. When that happens, a message is sent to the global chat and a pin appears on the world map.

Each Legend has a difficulty rating (Easy, Medium, Hard) that determines its loot, how many Lost Tales it awards players with loot rights and their type. Unlike regular loot, Lost Tales are sent directly to the inventory of the player(s)!

So, what are these Lost Tales all about?

Lost Tales

Lost Tales are consumable items that when read give Knowledge Points to a character. 11 different tales exist, each one falling into a specific category:

  • The Dark Ascension (Tales of the Vale)
  • The Fall of Hollowgrove (Tales of the Vale)
  • The Sacrifice of Neia (Tales of the Vale)
  • The Shattering (Rise and Fall of Heartwood)
  • The Righteous Flame (Rise and Fall of Heartwood)
  • The Coming of Tyros (Rise and Fall of Heartwood)
  • The Day of the Fracture (Histories of Ancient Myr)
  • The Long Hunt (Histories of Ancient Myr)
  • The Sack of Olissa (Histories of Ancient Myr)
  • The Arrival of Men (Histories of Ancient Myr)
  • The Clash of the Tribes (Histories of Ancient Myr)

Once again, we’ll let you figure out what category each Legend is associated with!

Each Lost Tale has a rarity level (Common, Uncommon, Rare) and 8 different pages that can be collected. Each page can only be read once, and the KP it assigns depend on its rarity (common: 750, uncommon: 1500, rare: 2500). The Book of Knowledge contains a recap of all the Lore Tables acquired by a character and their pages.

Only by completing all monster, resource and location discoveries and reading all the 88 pages of Lost Tales a player can get the knowledge needed to learn all abilities and unlock all 60 talent points!

Unlike the rest of the Knowledge System, tablets are not account-bound but are regular inventory items, so… enjoy the hunt, or enjoy the trade! 😉

City Decay

From now on, a city that stays at rank 0 for more than 5 days in a row will become unclaimed. When that happens, all public buildings and private plots are destroyed. The bank chest is destroyed as well, but items in it are not deleted and become available again if the city is re-claimed and the bank re-built.

When a city hits level 0, an email is sent out to all its citizens. Another one is sent when 24 hours are left to the moment of decay.

The Protein and Cereal requirements of city maintenance have also been increased at low ranks and decreased at high ranks. We shall point out that low-level cities were never meant to be maintenance-free. If you’re part of a mining town, you’re meant to trade with one or more farming towns so that your city can grow and thrive.

To prevent an understandable upcoming #CancelCityDebt campaign, we’ve reset the existing debt of all cities.

Only 2 weeks are left to the end of the Fall Alpha, when the whole world and all characters are going to be wiped (as usual). These changes allow us to assess the impact of different maintenance values on trading and city growth / decay. Please do not consider them final – the whole system is going to be changed radically in the winter alpha.

Ranking Page

What cities will survive and thrive before the end of the Fall Alpha? Will any player be able to gain 100% of the Knowledge that can be acquired in the test?

In the coming days, a ranking menu is going to be added to the game. The TOP 10 cities by rank and the TOP 100 players by knowledge acquired are going to be made immortal in a web page commemorating the Fall Alpha.

Are you going to make it to the top? The next 2 weeks will tell!

Enjoy Fractured!


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