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The Fractured Store Is Live!

September 28th, 2018 at 1:29 pm

Crowdfunding is back! Check out the Fractured Store today and grab one of the Kickstarter Early Birds and other exclusive packs before they’re sold out!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

The long wait is over: crowdfunding for Fractured is up and running again through the Fractured Store!

As we hinted after we successfully completed our Kickstarter campaign, we decided to include all the Early Bird offers and the other limited packs for all of you who didn’t manage to pledge for technical reasons or just arrived late to the party. They’re available in a much more limited quantity compared to Kickstarter though, so make sure you get yours before they’re sold out!

Got any question on the store? Check out the answers below!

Quick FAQ

1. How can I see my current pledge?

Just open your account menu.

2. I pledged on Kickstarter but it says “PLEDGE PACK: NONE”, how comes?

There are two possible reasons for that:

  • You’ve forgotten to reply to the Kickstarter survey we’ve sent out a few weeks ago, where we requested your Fractured username.
  • You’ve typed your username wrong in the survey.

Either way, please get in touch with us though a Kickstarter private message or by sending an email to Make sure to specify your correct Fractured account username in the message, and we’ll take it from there.

3. Can I upgrade my pledge?

Yes you can! Just buy a higher one – you’ll only pay the difference between the price of the new pledge and what you paid for your current one (through Kickstarter or through our store).

Please notice that if your current pledge is an Early Bird, the price for the upgrade is calculated subtracting the Early Bird price, not the Standard price.

4. Can I downgrade my pledge?

No, that’s not possible, sorry.

5. Can I sell my pledge?

Trading your pledge is not allowed. Account trading is not allowed either. For more information on the matter, check out Section 8 of our Terms of Service.

6. Can I buy a pledge pack for a friend?

That’s not possible yet, but we’ll surely add the feature later on!

7. What is Xsolla?

Xsolla is our payment gateway of choice, already used by a ton of companies in the game industry. It’s safe, reliable, and supports a ton of different payment methods!

8. I’d like to pay with a very obscure payment method which is not available…

If a payment method is not available, it means that either Xsolla doesn’t support it, or we decided to disable it because it was subject to very high processing fees. You can give us a shout to, but please be aware it’s unlikely it can be added.

9. Are current pledge packs going to stay forever?

No. Current packs are a replica of the pledges of our Kickstarter campaign, and will eventually be phased out to be replaced by different offers. Some of the most exclusive rewards, such as lifetime VIP, will stop being available once we hit Alpha.

10. Are we still funding for the Kickstarter Stretch Goals?

Yes you are! We’re soon going to release a page to track the total game funding, what stretch goals have been unlocked so far and the ones still to be reached!

That’s it for today.

Got any feedback on the store? Let your voice be heard!


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