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Spring Alpha Major Release #2

April 17th, 2021 at 2:07 pm

The second Major Release is here! Respec your character attributes and your city’s researches, build a Siege Workshop and prepare for war!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

The second major release of the Spring Alpha has arrived, featuring:

  • The much awaited respec of character attributes and city researches;
  • The Siege Workshop – prepare your catapults for the upcoming city sieges!
  • New functionalities for the world map: view territory and view nations;
  • Massive client performance improvements on asset loading: it should be now 2x or even 3x faster!
  • Some changes to bounty hunting and a few bug fixes.

Let’s get to the details!


This may very well be the most requested feature since the start of the Spring Alpha – and with good reason!

Here’s a more in-depth view of the additions:

  • The attributes of a character can be changed once per week for free. In the future we are planning to offer each character one free respec, while the following are going to be paid options (with limited frequency of use!).
  • Governors and vice-governors can deallocate one research per day. The point obtain can be immediately re-allocated. Since we don’t have building decay, those will stay up even if a research is canceled, but the relative crafting options will no longer be available (e.g. Carpentry is deallocated -> Carpenter stays up, but the Woodworking Table etc. don’t work anymore).
  • The researches of the City stage now only cost 1 point instead of 2. If you’ve completed any (e.g. the Prison), you’ll find you now have some unspent research points available 🙂

Thanks to attribute respecs, you won’t have to create a new character to try a new role or fine-tune your current one!

Siege Workshop

The release of sieges is now really close… here comes the first part!

A player city with a Siege Workshop can produce catapults, which are required to successfully siege any other city with walls – that is, any city that’s not an Hamlet. Yes, you can’t destroy a wall by slashing it or hammering it or… fire-balling it!

Catapults that are assembled in the Siege Workshop can be disassembled to move them on wheels, obtaining what we like to call a cata-cart. Once sieges are live, citizens will be able to re-mount them within siege areas, while for now once they are turned into carts they stay so.

We can’t wait to see you throw some old-fashioned rocks at your enemies!

Bounty Hunting

Following the suggestions of the community, here come 3 key change

  • The Karma required to become a bounty hunter has been lowered from 10,000 to 5,000. We had definitely underestimated the effort required to get to 10k.
  • Criminals who get released from jail are now just set to Good but they retain their negative Karma. This allows a criminal who has repented to keep playing as a Good character (and eventually get to a positive Karma), but if it decides to turn Evil again, it will get its old Karma.
  • The Young player status now expires after 40 hours instead of 20.

Bug Fixes

  • The famous dry river of Fractured now has water;
  • Fixed a bug that prevented governors from stopping city decay when the latter was triggered by a (resolved) lack of residents;
  • Fixed a bug that made failure to enchant Scholar Clothes higher than it was meant to be;

Get your catapults ready, Governors… City warfare is coming!


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