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Mar 29 Q&A Livestream + Free Alpha Keys

March 27th, 2020 at 4:31 pm

Got a few questions about Fractured? Would like to try Alpha 2 – Test 2 but can’t get a pack? Looks like we have some good news for you!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Alpha 2 – Test 2 has been running strong for 2 days now, and we know many of you have questions about the game, while others would like to try it out but can’t commit to purchasing a Founder Pack for the time being.

Well, we have some good news for both of you. Read on to find them out!

Q&A Livestream

Got a few questions about the past, present & future of Fractured? Interested in having Dynamight’s CEO Jacopo Gallelli replying to them, live? You’re in luck – there’s a live Q&A coming!

The livestream will take place on Oxfurd’s Twitch Channel on Sunday, March 29, starting at 6pm CET (1pm EDT)!

To tune in, just click on the link above a few minutes before the time announced, so we can chat a little before the Q&A session begins 🙂

Free Alpha Keys

Even if not a backer, here are a couple ways you can win a limited Alpha key that grants access to Alpha 2 – Test 2:

  • Tune in to this Sunday’s Q&A livestream and ask a (meaningful) question! At the end of the livestream you could be one of the lucky winners who will be sent a key via private message!
  • As with the previous tests, you have the chance to win a key by helping us spread the word about the game. How this works in practice? Just talk about Fractured and post a link or screenshot to your contribution in this forum thread!

Game keys can be activated in you account management page.

Fractured Partner Program

If you run a Twitch channel with over 1,000 followers or a YouTube channel with over 2,000 followers, you are officially eligible to join our Influencers Program!

Joining the program provides you with:

  • A key that grants permanent access to the game;
  • Revenue sharing: claim your unique link, share it and get 20% of the revenues from all purchases made by players who reached Fractured clicking on your link!
  • A discount code to share with your followers.

We can’t wait to have you on board!

Thank you all and… talk to you soon 😉


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