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Kickstarter Update #1 – A Big Thank You & What’s Next

June 27th, 2018 at 4:54 pm

30% funded in one day: you’re awesome! Come have a sneak peek at what the next updates will feature!



Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

I always knew that the Fractured community was a special one. Thousands of nice, helpful, friendly people. Such a strong passion for the game and its development. So much good feedback – including polite, constructive criticism. All of this support has made this year and a half spent overcoming all the challenges of MMO development so exciting and rewarding, it’s hard to tell how grateful we are.

…still, I’m once again genuinely thrilled now that I’m typing this message.
€10.000 collected in barely over 5 minutes.
€30.000 overall in the first day.
You’re AWESOME! Thank you so much! It’s true that the strength of an MMO lies in its community. If we keep moving forward like this, I have no fear the €100.000 goal will be met!

Now, that being said… We know some of you are already wondering what updates are coming next. Here they are!

Pledge Reward Art

The art for several pledge rewards is missing from the campaign page, and we know some of you would like to see more. How does the last evolution of the Baby Dragon look like? How epic can the Aristocrat horse armor get?

It will all be revealed in the coming days! 🙂

Stretch Goals

As stated in the campaign page, the stretch goals of Fractured do not include core features. This doesn’t mean they don’t feature some really interesting content – including rewards for all backers. Stay tuned for the big reveal update!

Player-Made Towns

This topic is likely the most requested by the community. I mean, by far! It’s a massive one though, covering matters such as:

  • How is the world map subdivided (town areas, free areas, claimed areas, neutral areas)
  • Town states (haunted, abandoned, claimed)
  • Governors and town politics
  • War! Sieges VS open-field conquest battles

Because of this, we’ll likely split the topic into multiple feature spotlights (2, or even 3), starting with the first two points listed above.

Crafting (Equipment & Gear)

Another widely requested topic, albeit not as much as town-related issues. It includes matters such as:

  • Primitive tools VS advanced tools
  • Crafting and survival
  • Crafting processes
  • How do towns play into crafting?

Again, we’ll make sure to drop one or more feature spotlights covering this 🙂

Q&A Livestream

We hosted one in the past – it’s time to do several more! Speaking of which, why don’t you let us know when you’re available to watch them by answering this poll? 😉

Something else to request? We’re super receptive to community feedback – get on our forums and Discord channel and let your voice be heard!

See you tomorrow for the first update!


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