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Kickstarter Update – Stretch Goals Revealed

July 17th, 2018 at 3:01 pm

Our Kickstarter campaign is nearing completion. Discover the Labyrinth, Liches, and plenty more in our newly uncovered Stretch Goals!




Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

As our Kickstarter campaign is now about 80% funded, the time has come to reveal our stretch goals!

As you can see from the image below, they’re split into two categories:

  • Pledge-based. They’re unlocked based on the total amount pledged. They consist of new secondary game features. The word “secondary” doesn’t mean they’re not very cool of course, but that all the core features of the game are already included in the basic goal. The funding for pledge-based stretch goals will continue on our website once the campaign is over if some of them don’t get unlocked now.
  • Backer-based. They’re unlocked based on the total number of backers. They consist of cosmetic rewards given for free to all our backers. They’re a Kickstarter exclusive – only for Kickstarter backers, and only unlocked during the campaign!


And now, let’s have an overview on a couple of the pledge-based stretch goals, the ones we know are very likely to trigger plenty of questions: the Labyrinth and Liches!

Labyrinth Dungeon Crawler

The Labyrinth is a type of dungeon that can be found in the insides of asteroids. It can be accessed by solo players or groups up to 5 people after completing a unique ritual in the world. The ritual is fairly complex, and has to be performed without holding any item – neither equipped nor in the inventory, aside from Labyrinth tokens.

Once the ritual is completed, the group is sent to the entrance of the Labyrinth, where players have a chance to exchange tokens for basic equipment by talking to the Guardian, or just proceed into the dungeon fully naked (ok, you can keep your underwear).

The dungeon is procedurally-generated from different rooms and instantiated for the group. It might feature multiple levels (once the stretch goals have been unlocked), each one using a unique set of rooms. It doesn’t contain only powerful hostile creatures and bosses, but also riddles, activities for stealth players, and resources that can be gathered to craft equipment and other items.

If a player dies in the Labyrinth, it can only be resurrected by a teammate. If all the members of a group are dead, the timer runs out, or vote for leaving, the adventure is over, and players are sent back to the entrance. If coming out alive, a player can bring home all he was wearing and all he has managed to fit in his inventory.

The biggest reward of the Labyrinth? Unique tokens that can be exchanged for weapon skins, armor skins, mount skins, pet companions and other cosmetic rewards – or used to boost the next Labyrinth challenge, as mentioned before!

Lich Transformation

It’s a well-known fact: the Human race craves for knowledge and power, and to get it they are ready to open doors that should better stay closed. The door of the Afterlife is one of them.

The path that leads a Human to turn into a Lich is long and tortuous, as much as the one leading from Beastman to Abomination and from Demon to Angel. It involves the collection of very rare resources, crafting of powerful artifacts to channel the magic, and Divine quests.

The final ritual of the Lich transformation sees the Human character join the embrace of Death to be reborn as a cadaverous, almost skeletal undead creature, with a whole new set of weaknesses and powers. Some are common to all undeads, such as weakness to fire, increased resistance to cold spells, and the need to feed oneself now gone. Others are more specific, such as a particular affinity for the Necromancy and Abjuration schools of magic.

One final word here. You thought a Lich has an Evil alignment? Just because it’s not technically alive anymore? Bad! Prejudice! A Human turning into a Lich preserves its Karma and Alignment – it’s no different from a regular Human in this regard!

That’s it for today.

As always, let us know what you think of this update and let’s keep the support for our Kickstarter campaign going strong. 7 days to go, we can make it happen!


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