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Sicarius Anatar

Race: Blood Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Guild: Hordes of Dagalur

Username: SicariusAnatar

Foundation Points: 31,010

Foundation Title: --


After being cast out from his world by an angry God that struck down anyone who did not worship him in a holy war that destroyed the land he once called home. Sicarius traveled for years, taking what possessions he had with his faithful court and every citizen of Dagalur on great boats.

During the journey the Dagalurians came to a point in which they were running out of food with no land in sight. They were dying. Many perished and in the last moments of the strongest a stranger appeared on the capital ship. Addressing the entire fleet the stranger spoke with the soothing voice of a mother. Telling the dying Dagalurians the soothing voice of the stranger promised no only salvation, but power, and dominance. Asking for only the devotion to the god Babilis. The Dagalurians looked to their Count for guidance. Not sure what would happen, but wanting nothing but the survival of his people he promised the stranger and pledged to the god Babilis. One by one the people of Dagalur followed their leader.
Showing a slight smile under their hood, the stranger disappeared in a cloud of black smoke that covered the entire fleet. As the smoke cleared, the people looked around to find they had changed. They all now had demonic forms and each felt a surge of power like they never felt before.
Sicarius, Count of Dagalur looked at his hordes, feeling the connection to Babilis and the new abilities afforded by their new god... and saw that it was good.

Just then a shout rang out from one of the people, "LAND!"

Count Sicarius Anatar looked to the land with new found hope. A hope that rang louder in his heart when he raised his spyglass to see on the shore the flag of Duke Maulvorn of Thearyn.