Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Human

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Guild: Sons Of The Fallen

Username: Novacaine

Foundation Points: 4,955

Foundation Title: Messenger


Abandoned at birth, Novacaine grew up rough in the Capital city. Scavenging food from the rich and prosperous was Novacaine's specialty. Time and time again he would raid restaurant pantries to survive. He got so good at it that he believed he could never be caught. His ego however, is what lead to his imprisonment. One night Novacaine plotted to steal from the Royal pantry, this could allow him to steal enough food to survive on, as well as make some extra coin from selling these fenced goods. His entry to the gardens was undetected, but unknown to Novacaine, the palace had a magical detection system, which went off as soon as he stepped foot inside. His escapes were automatically blocked by some invisible force field, followed by a bright blue light. The light was blinding, but he could make out a silhouette appearing from within. The Royal Archmage thrust his staff from the light, which knocked Novacaine unconscious instantly. He awoke inside a prison cell. As far as he could tell, he was alone in the prison. No one answered his calls for help. The prison was completely silent, interrupted by a ominous BOOM. The ceiling began to crumble from above, fire and screams roared, it could only be Demons. A large concrete slab fell which crushed his holding cell door. Novacaine took this as an opportunity to escape, slinking out of the castle the same way he got in, with a newfound respect for the Demons power, he sought to understand their world better. Novacaine resorted to stealing texts out of the library for any and all information pertaining to the Demons. He found that only once a blood sacrifice had been completed, then the demons gateway would open. Novacaine, hungering for power at any cost, chose a victim at random. Skulking through the back alleyways at night, he found a homeless man sleeping. This would do. Once the portal opened, Novacaine stuck his arm through first. He was met with excruciating pain and torment. He attempted to pull his arm back through the portal, but to no avail. Something or someone was on the other side, pulling him in. The pain spread through his chest, all the way to his toes The pain was unbearable, and Novacaine passed out. He awoke in the same alleyway from which he summoned the portal. Residual pain lingered inside of Novacaine, his skin had turned a red hue, with scars forming and disappearing all over his body. He felt... different. No longer was his hunger his focus. He now only hungered for power, his eyes slightly pitched black, he left the alleyway, never to be the same man he was again