Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Lord Alexander

Race: Hellfire Demon

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Guild: --

Username: Generalimmortus

Foundation Points: 27,780

Foundation Title: Champion


He's self-reliant, greedy and dauntless
A shriek in the night, a ringing of ears, and suddenly you're stared at by a sickening organism of fury and flesh. Two bleak eyes stare at you with a malevolent mania, and another shriek rages from its crooked mouth in a fit of rage.
Skeletal bulges adorns its curved head, which itself is almost bark-like. A puff of smoke escapes the creature's bowed nostrils set within a tiny nose.
Its curved head sits atop a small, heavy body. Shadowy curls coil around its torso, but while inspecting this creature it inspects you in turn.
The creature advances toward you, its two legs smoothly carry its diabolical body with a frenzied energy.

Two immense wings extend themselves fully. Scythe-like bones, and shadowy membranes stretch upward, perhaps it'll fly away soon. The creature no longer looks at you, it has lost interest.