Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Pyth Arilator

Race: Blood Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Guild: Hell

Username: Durzie

Foundation Points: 15,870

Foundation Title: Emissary


Perhaps the cruelest joke in Pyth Arilator's life was that he was born a demon.

War, deceit, brutal, seemingly pointless acts of violence became a part of his every day at a young age, same as most demons who find themselves born on Tartaros. Thankfully he was born a Blood Demon; intelligence and cunningness were deemed far more important to his family than being able to slaughter multiple enemies at once.

Pyth isn't your strongest physical specimen, in fact, the only thing remotely demeaning about him is his height (Roughly 7 foot 10 inches). Where his body lacks, his mind makes up for it. Being naturally gifted in mental abilities by his Blood Demon ancestry gave him much to feel boastful about. He, much like his family, took great pride in enhancing their mental capabilities. Pyth wouldn't be so bold as to boast about his power, he thinks himself to be decent.

His real passion lays in the art of diplomacy. In his youth, he had found that he was quite gifted in defusing situations that would have otherwise led to unnecessary bloodshed. However, defusing aggressive situations isn't exactly a skill most demons approve of.