Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Human

God: Tyros

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: --

Username: Chise

Foundation Points: 3,385

Foundation Title: Whisperer


Being born into a noble family, Chise had everything she could wish for in life. Her mother died giving birth to her, leaving Chise as the only child together with her father. As no sons had been born within the family, Her father decided to give her the education of a man and thought her how to wield a sword and speak other languages.

As time past, her fathers family business started to witter as his corruption grew within it from rival companies infiltrating. Leaving her father with no other choice then to give Chise away to marry another noble family in order to save their family name.

However Chise was not fond of the idea that she would marry a man she had never met. As her father suddenly past away from illness, Chise decided to leave her childhood home in order to achieve the freedom she had wanted for so long.