Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Beastman, Udoadra

God: Nelena

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: Glims Mercenaries.

Username: Bramibal

Foundation Points: 11,075

Foundation Title: Envoy


In between the Holy Mountains, where the canopy is open was a fire lit by a group of youngsters. With a quick glance you wouldn't notice them, only when they move are they recognizable. One of them, Menoch is his name, looked up onto the stars and sighted audibly. One of his friends noticed and walked towards him. "What troubles your heart, Menoch?" he asked. While his wolf-like head was still tilted towards the stars he sighted again. "Don't you sometimes wish that it would be possible for us to travel to the stars en planets. It feels like they're beckoning me to come to them." His friend, at a loss for words said to him: "you know what the elders say about the people that live on the other planets, they are savages and murderers. Over there is no love for each other or for the Gods." "But what about the people that arrive at our village every couple of months with materials and food the like we have never seen?" Menoch asked frustrated. His friend opened and closed is mouth and after a few seconds opened it again. "You know those people are different then we are. They are risking their own lives for the sake of heroism of greed. That's not the way to live i tell you! So stop thinking about this nonsense and come back to our diner." When his friend walked away Menoch again looked up to the stars and sighted hard. In a quiet voice his murmured: "Then why is this voice in me whispering to go and reach beyond what's known?". With that thought he turned his face, saddened with frustration away from the stars and walked towards the fire.