Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Hellfire Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Guild: Commanders in Queef

Username: AConfusedBear

Foundation Points: 6,790

Foundation Title: Messenger


Born in a backwater region of Tartaros, Karl is a hellfire demon who, generally speaking, has no idea why he ended up where he is. Karl longs for the big city life of places in Syndesia but his overbearing parents and his small-town he lives in keep him from this. Fearing that he was going to be stuck in this small town until he died, Karl set off to find something, anything really, and headed north. Soon into his journey, he realized that it was going to be perilous and, fearing death, he decided to head home. Instead of seeking glory and achieving greatness Karl simply decided to go home and be an unpaid Discord moderator for Babilis. He is very sure that when she finally gets sick of those other mortal "Chad demons" that she will finally settle down with a nice bloodthirsty demon like him. He is SURE of it, trust him.