Guild Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Tag: TY02

Race: Demon

Master: Rongramok the Betrayer

Members: 15


Total Points: 307,505

Average Points: 20,500


The ancient tribe of demons that is known as the Darkbloods have risen once more! Eons ago before the Fracture, the original Darkbloods rebelled against the gods and were feared throughout the age until imprisoned or banished. Yet thanks to the Fracture they are free to walk the world again. As a Darkblood, you reject your inborn loyalty for our dark father Babilis and become the master of your own destiny separate from the will of any god. Long ago the demon Rongramok betrayed the dark god and became the first Darkblood, and from that day forward kingdoms have fallen, heroes have been slain, and legends have burned beneath our feet. For we rage against the gods for their abandonment of our race and the way they have made our kind suffer. Now when Tartaros eclipses Syndesia the banners of the Darkbloods fly high as we march to wreck havoc on the human world. Will join us in the quest to regain our former glory or be forgotten like so many others in the past! For with blood as black as the night, the world shall fear us again!

Looking for casual gamers that just want to have fun with the game. Will accept any demon no matter alignment or goals. Want to slaughter thousands, become the most powerful wizard ever, create a large trading empire, or any other pursuit without worrying about competitive gamers. Great! This is the guild for you.

Those who wish to be in charge of a certain category that our guild will participate in must be the first to volunteer. (Please contact me of a position you may want so I can promote you to a lieutenant).These are the positions available:

Trade and Merchants - Caravans and trade deals with other cities and guilds
Thieves and Assassins - Steals from hired targets and also deals in assassinations
Temple and Priests - Temple offerings and divine quests
Hunters - Hunting creatures for materials and PvE
Farmers and Shepherds - Grow food

Military and Fighters - In charge of protecting the city and caravans and conquering new towns and locations, going on quests and PvP, also will teach fighting styles - Taken by GGChester
Diplomacy and Alliances - Arrange alliances and foreign guild agreements, has the ability to declare war on enemy factions - Taken by Crimson
Wizardry and Spells - Teaches magic and the discovering of new spells - Taken by Raven Li
Builders and Crafting - In charge of making items and new buildings - Taken by Yixaa
Explorers and Mapmakers - For loners that go out and discover new areas, also in charge 0f making maps - Taken by Azarath
Woodcutters and Miners - Gather resources - Taken by Kakcoszukha

If there are not enough members then lieutenants will share tasks until a leader arrives and if the need for more categories arrives we will add them. Also, cities and towns that are allies or our trade partners are not allowed to be attacked or stolen from

Link to my page if you have any questions or want to ask for a certain position (or use the chat) !!!REMEMBER THE FIRST TO VOLUNTEER WILL GET THE POSITION!!! -

If you want to chat with other guild members go to (or just use the chat) -

Hope you'll join us!