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Elite Corp

Tag: EC

Race: Human

Master: AHrEJl

Members: 4


Total Points: 149,340

Average Points: 37,335


Hi - I'm the leader of the alphabetakeysmasters community, not hordes, but friendly community that wants to give the games a chance.

We are not limited to one language or nation, but the two main languages of communication are English and Russian in our community.

In this reality of fantazy setting we called EliteCorp, as some my old clans and guilds called.
Forum topic

A thousand years ago, when the sky was blue, and the green grass there was the kingdom in which representatives of all races lived in prosperity and were happy. In this country there was a single king who honestly and fairly ruled. But one day he was betrayed and killed. The adviser, who served the king for years, betrayed him, slaughtered the king while he slept. Having occupied the throne of the former king, the councilor did not rule for long. The kingdom was no longer the same and there were many dissatisfied with the rule of the tyrant. Over time, the kingdom, like the rest of the world, was involved in internecine wars, and later in general, divided into parts - on the basis of race: people, beasts and demons. Nobody ever decided to unite the world under one banner. But, as in those times, there were noblemen, masters, workers who wanted to change the world for the better, who considered themselves to be the elite of this world. If you consider yourself as such, - an elite, and not just a common man, join us! EliteCorp wait you!

Our discord link for newcomers -