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Terra Central Commerce

Tag: TC2

Race: Beastman

Master: RootHorn

Members: 1


Total Points: 10,895

Average Points: 10,895


A guild I hope to put together and start a town central of Terra Arboreus to act as a trade hub to better get goods for crafting and later trading between Arboreus and Syndesia. And if it do well enough, Make a trade town around the stargate in Terra to have players from Syndesia come to buy goods and hopefully sell goods from Syndesia that can't be found in Arboreus.

The main goal of Terra Central Commerce guild, Or TCC, Is to give players of Arboreus a safe way to get the hard to get goods they need to craft items by having other more combat able players find and get them from all over Terra to a central hub. TCC goal is also to act as a hub for merchants to trade goods between towns regardless if it part of the guild or not. Maybe even get players to form gourps to trade goods between Arboreus and Syndesia if TCC do well enough to have regular stargate opening.

I have no big rules in mind to set in stone for TCC for now, But I do feel like players need to be native to Arboreus due to time limit for non-native. Rules may get made and added ones the first 20 members(counting me) are put together and find a town. other then that, As long as members of TCC do what they can to help with the main goal of the guild by getting goods to sell or crafting them to fill orders at the trade hub or even by being guild merchant, Players can do what their want if it not something bad. Terra Central Commerce is more about PvE, Crafting, And trading.