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The Glaives of Leivall

Tag: TGL

Race: Beastman

Master: Valek

Members: 4


Total Points: 104,915

Average Points: 26,228


Welcome to the Glaives of Leivall. We are an active team of sustainable workers. No job is too odd, or is too specific for us, we will get the task done, as long as you have the money. Whether you want an item made, a recruit for a dungeon, help for a huge boss raid, or maybe you want some of our wares, we will provide most of those things. Our team consists of farmers, woodcutters, miners, traders, forgers, enchanters, and much more to come. No matter what the play style you have in mind, we should be able to fulfill each and every one of our members needs. We are planning to have an active guild and a player base of friendly people. We strive to be the best empire, won't you help us?

Beastmen only for now, But we will open up to everyone when the full game is released.

Guild benefits:
Hopefully, guild chests where we can all deposit items and materials for usage.
People will be allowed to build their own houses on our plot of land, so long as it doesn't obstruct others.
Jobs that can stack to a wealthy pay.
A planned town!

A good alignment.
Be friendly and mature.
All guild members will be prepared to take up any request any outside guilds have of us.
We are active for a reason, let's try and stay online.
Let's also keep a good relationship with all guilds, even if they attack us.

Important Message Board.:
^That's where most of our requests from business partners go to! Everyone is encouraged to enter! PS: Our discord is not just for guild members! If you want something from us, ask away!