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Keepers Of Wormwood

Tag: KoW

Race: Beastman

Master: Father Absinthe

Members: 1


Total Points: 37,795

Average Points: 37,795


Kin of Arboreus, it is our sacred duty to protect the sanctity of Nelena's blessings, and none more so, than the Ancient Wormwood. It's medicinal and magical properties are not to be denied, nor squandered for personal gain. Nay, the properties of wormwood are far to great for the well being of our kin.

Therefore I put forth, that we, Keepers of the Ancient Wormwood, followers of the Natural Order of Stupor, & Emissary of the Green Fae, Defend this sacred herb from the machinations of the other worlds, and study, in depth, its green concoctions of healing and those mystical arts of Fermentation to unlock its Sacred purpose, Absinthe!

While we're at it, lets start a peaceful town somewhere we can study and imbibe!

We are a friendly group of English speaking players based in North America Eastern Time, but we'll accept anyone we can communicate with, regardless of local. We are seeking to have a good time with like minded folks to hunt, gather, craft, quest, conquer and build a town with.



Father Absinthe