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Asura Division

Tag: AsuD

Race: Beastman

Master: Syla.AD

Members: 11


Total Points: 12,415

Average Points: 1,128


Asura Division is a community with passionate gamers who synergize towards the common goal of having fun while dominating.
We value transparency and sharing information while always striving to improve, leading us to continuously achieve impressive feats and constantly compete in various online games.

Our community is flexible, welcoming a variety of playstyles (from hardcore to super casual) and personal goals because we know and respect that each individual is different.

Our tools, guides, and reviews help us to improve together at a faster pace. Every tool which we created is made with the idea to help you and the community as much as possible.

Asura Division reward system is unique giving you a chance to win outstanding rewards while having fun and just playing your favorite games.

Every minute you spend with us will not be in vain. This is the reason behind the creation of our hierarchy system (which we call Asu). The higher you go in the ranks the higher the rewards you will get monthly.

With us, you will have access to information and game content before others. Also, you will have a bigger goal and a place where you can belong to.