Guild Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Cult of Elyria

Tag: CoE

Race: Demon

Master: Ezra von Mordrake

Members: 99


Total Points: 954,095

Average Points: 9,637


The Cult of Elyria is a group of players from the Kingdom of Elyria gaming group. Following the stalled development of Chronicles of Elyria, we're exploring other persistent-universe-style MMOs to expand into as a more traditional gaming guild. Our active times typically gravitate toward Eastern US or Western Europe, but we do maintain an around-the-clock presence to accommodate members in other time zones.

Within Fractured, our goal is to hold and manage a town within the server map and interact with the larger groups around us through trade, commerce, and organized combat (both scheduled PvE and PvP). To this end, we welcome all styles of play and will have dedicated guides for the larger disciplines.

While much of our player-base is currently focused on the darker alignments and daemonic game-play, we do allow all alignments to join us and enjoy the game on their own terms and our leadership will reflect this with dedicated leaders for each faction, race and alignment. There are no racial-, religion-, or alignment-based restrictions on membership or advancement so long as you interact with other players in a friendly and non-toxic atmosphere.

In that vein, we will have a focus on enjoying the game-play provided by the developers, and any official raids, missions, or quests that are guild-run will encourage loadouts and characters that follow current metas. While we are flexible we'd expect people to put some effort in if the content requires it.

Game-Play trumps Role-Play.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our officers, or pop into our Discord server and say hello:

We look forward to seeing all of you in-game!