Guild Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Crownless Order

Tag: -CO-

Race: Human

Master: LonelyCookie

Members: 134


Total Points: 2,891,200

Average Points: 21,576


IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, PLEASE JOIN THE DISCORD too, only people in the discord will be accepted into the guild here on the website :-) Discord link:

Our main focus will be on human Syndesia, but as (or if) we grow, we will likely include both beastmen of Arborea and demons of Tartarus within our group.

We have our first city: Valhalla (

We are open to an idea of smaller groups merging into us, everyone knows the story with the sticks (The Father, His Sons, and The Bundle of Sticks), you can easily break one, but you cant break a bundle. Moral of the story applies to Fractured just as much. Terms of merge would be up to negotitation.

-Description is Work In Progress-

For more info head to: