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The OranThul

Tag: OT

Race: Demon

Master: Nekrage

Members: 135


Total Points: 2,202,405

Average Points: 16,314



- [Evil Alignment][NA East][PvE & PvP]
The Oran'Thul is a goal-oriented group of hardcore MMO players striving for MMO greatness!

- Our History
• The Oran'Thul has over 15 years of MMO conquering history.
• THE WORLD'S BEST guild in ArcheAge.
• One of the top guilds in the world in Classic WoW.
• Multiple WORLD FIRST Rank 14 Classic WoW players.

- What We Offer
• Unmatched Stability and Trust.
• A competitive community that promotes growth and development.
• An understanding and acceptance of both Casual and Hardcore playstyles.
• A guild that has NEVER and will NEVER disband or abandon their members.
• Accepting of social members. That means your wives and girlfriends are welcome.
• A 24/7 active player base. With members that span across the world, your family is always with you.

- Goals
• Be the undisputed BEST Guild on our server. Period!
• Continue to provide an environment welcoming of both casual and hardcore players.
• Support all playstyles PvP, PvE, Crafters & Economy Driven players.
• Conquer all aspects of Fractured. Decimate opposing guilds, crush PvE content and obtain riches beyond measure!

- What We Look For
The Oran’Thul respects our members' time and we expect you to do the same.
This means attending guild events when you say you will.

You are welcome here whether you live and breathe MMOs like our core group does or participate for a few hours a week.

We seek members who take pride in their guild.
Members who strive to be the best they can be.
Members who seek GREATNESS!

- Ready to take the first step to secure your Fractured success?
Apply Here:
Discord: (Will appear empty without the proper permissions.)

- Questions?
Please contact [OT]Nekrage#0108, Harley#6383, or [OT]Buckykat#9084 on Discord

P.S. Anyone is welcome to join the guild on the Foundation if they wish to do so.