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Shield shade

Tag: Sh

Race: Human

Master: Balderly

Members: 1


Total Points: 32,705

Average Points: 32,705


What is a shield?
A metal sheet to cower beneath, like a child hiding from the monsters of the night?
A barrier against arrows, a bulwark against swords
A bastion from behind which one can attack from safety?
To some, perhaps.
But to the true users, a shield is a statement. An idea. To carry a shield is to declare to the world, that when I wish to move, I shall move and when I wish to stand, I shall stand and no force in this world can push me back.
When my foes are before me, I will not fear any blow, for my shield is not to protect myself, but to protect others.
When my skin is iron, what need have I of protection? And within my wings, what need have my allies of defence?
A shield user is a tree, broad and spreading, whose shade can block all the slings and arrows of the world.
Stalwart. Unshakeable. Inviolate. Indestructible.
A shield user carries his team with him every time he lifts his shield.