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82nd Dread Korps

Tag: 82DK

Race: Human

Master: --

Members: 14


Total Points: 79,970

Average Points: 5,712


The 82nd Dread Korps is a lost regiment of an ancient army who have remained nomadic for decades.

Consisting of only a small portion out of the original 3,000 men they have been a dying remnant of an old empire from a distant land, but recently they’ve found their way here. They’ve began mingling with the locals and expanding their ranks and securing territory for their new leader.

The regiment has begun distancing themselves from the Imperium of man under their new leader Kimber Valyrus Hakomairos from the House of Valyrus, however due to the several years of disconnection from the empire the regiment never caught wind of the empires collapse centuries ago.

Out of character:
The 82DK (full name: 82nd Dread Korps Siege Regiment) is a 500 man gaming community who have begun expanding past our single main game called “Foxhole” into several dozen other games, we currently only focus on foxhole (but play other games causally like eve online) but will expanding this list in the future to Hell Let Loose and other games.

We offer an extremely organised chain of command and raining system with fully custom written doctrines and some RP throughout. We are based on the Death korps of Krieg from WH40k(name change due to copyright).

We are a global semi-serious group and are actively looking for more members.

Contact can be made via this carrier pigeon network: