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The Keepers

Tag: Keep

Race: Human

Master: Aurellas

Members: 10


Total Points: 187,290

Average Points: 18,729


The Keepers. Men and women, demons and beastmen. All who serve the ideals of Galvanos, the god of knowledge, are welcome within their Hallowed Halls.

The Keepers strive to preserve knowledge of the world and collect ancient texts and tomes of knowledge. They have assumed the role of Watchers of the Worlds, and do not meddle in the petty affairs and squabbles of the other groups and guilds of the world.

In time, all these lesser groups will falter and disappear. But the Keepers will remain. Galvanos has entrusted them with a task, and they will see it through, for it is not the end goal that matters, but the pursuit of knowledge and the perfection of oneself that matters.

The Keepers was founded on 15 September 2017.

We will be opening a Discord soon, so if you want to join up there, the link will be posted soon.