Guild Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


The Harpers


Race: Beastman

Master: Salicornia

Members: 2


Total Points: 17,885

Average Points: 8,942


An organization dedicated to maintaining balance by preventing both evil and good factions from gaining too much power. Evil brings crystal clear dangers, but peace has its hidden threats: a population that grow endlessly without facing any danger will not be able to sustain itself forever and sooner or later conflict for survival will rise, because natural resources are not unlimited.
Since the current status quo of the three Worlds is the best scenario for the well-being of everything and everybody, it must be preserved at all cost otherwise chaos will engulf all.

While evils can be simple fought back with weapons and magics, those who act in the name of good must be persuaded with words and compromises: Harpers are not only skilled warriors and casters but also expert diplomats and merchants, ambassadors and council men, mercenaries and guards, explorers and artists.

The Guild's door is open to any Beastman who is eager to put his skill in service of the Balance, the only exception are the Abominations of course. Humans are too flexible in their morality to really fulfill the commitment of the organization, since they swing freely from one side to the other but someone may prove himself worthy in due time. Demons are just savages that are interested only in war and destruction and aren't tolerated, so only a redeemed one may join.


What do we offer?
- A fun, casual, laid-back atmosphere.
- No requirements whatsoever to join.
- No requirements like voice chat, Discord channels or anything like that.
- Play however you like, no forced builds.
- Freedom to do whatever you want. You can use this Guild as a social portal to make your own dungeon groups, PvP groups, etc. This is not a Guild with dungeon/PvP schedules that you have to abide to. With that said,

What we expect:
- Mature behaviour. Be respectful towards each other. Don't be uptight. We're a fun casual guild, not a hardcore PvP or dungeon guild. Be helpful to new players because we're going to need them.