Guild Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


The Crafters Association

Tag: TCA

Race: Human

Master: Hephaestus

Members: 5


Total Points: 119,030

Average Points: 23,806


A guild dedicated to providing the best articles of equipment, whether it be, Bows for hunting, Plate armour for questing Knights, or for aiding newcomers in starting their adventure- for a modest price of course.

The Crafters Association is a guild based on, well, Crafting.

Primarily, English or French would be preferred, but we welcome all to our humble halls.

We are not segregationists, we welcome all races excluding Demons, unless they've made the journey to become an angel.

It is preferred that you be in a good alignment, but neutrals are welcome.

Currently, we are in need of people, you don't have to be restricted to being a crafting type, but they're always welcome.

For the odd adventurers passing us by, we may have a few quests to offer, in exchange for items of money.

Overall, this is a fun guild, although serious enough to settle on Syndesia.

Respect for all is a must. Please, be active enough to support the guild, and message I, the Great Elleon, if you have any quarrels, quips or business.

So, Come one, Come all, our markets may be bare at times, others they will be plentiful. Come to our markets, come to our halls, dine with us, and have a chat over some ale.

From adventurers to devoted Knights to those seeking redemption, welcome to The Crafters Association.