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Knowledge is Power

Tag: KIP

Race: Human

Master: Silarc

Members: 1


Total Points: 50,650

Average Points: 50,650


Somewhere in the quiet depths of Syndesia lies a tavern. The denizens of this tavern are welcoming if you have something to trade, be it information, or resources. But if you were to drop a name, a location, and enough compensation. The one who owns that name would find a quick and silent end in the night..

Knowledge Is Power is a... Trading guild.
Members would need to be particularly strong at trading, resource gathering, and solo play. The Tavern is the guild, and the guild is The Tavern, as long as one exists, the other will too..

-Resource gathering, and trading would be the main upkeep of the guild..
-Casuals welcome, but must be active to a decent degree. And Solo players with a like minded playstyle would also fit in, and get some benefits from being in a guild.
-PVP skills will be required at some point. So high stats and skills useful for solo one to one stealth combat will be necessary.
-Mature players (18+) with a good mind for economics, resource management and aquisition, knowledge gathering, and 1v1 combat would be great. Though if determined and a good learner these skills can be picked up and tuned, we will always help each other, grouping up when the task is too great for one.
-A calm mindset would be a plus. As there will be plenty of down time to develop the guild between the more involved activities, and the involved activities would require some degree of preperation and planning.
-English speaking please, but all nationalities welcome of course.
-Will get voice coms server up and somewhere to talk in private once we have the members.

More information on request.
If you are not already a member use this link and sign up, and go check out the Kickstarter: