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Fortis Duro

Tag: F34R

Race: Human

Master: Orion Korr

Members: 1


Total Points: 37,300

Average Points: 37,300


Founded by Orion Korr, former protector, Fortis Duro stands to right past wrongs.

Latin for "The Strong Survive", this guild is dedicated to building up its members in strength and support for the day that those within can stride out without fear of being broken by those around them. The world will always direct adversity towards those who confront it, the only choice to be made is whether you stand firm against the torrents of evil, or fall prey to them. Fortis Duro, "The strong survive", Non Infermus, "The weak... do not".

This guild is an RP guild for my character and the idea of being an outcast that wants to get back into the swing of things. This guild won't be as organized or "tightly run" as other guilds, but if you want to be affiliated with an idea and hang out with people that feel the same way, feel free to join and help each other out on the road to becoming legendary.



Orion Korr