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The Ascension

Tag: Aeon

Race: Human

Master: Frost

Members: 38


Total Points: 467,705

Average Points: 12,308


Hello :)
Welcome to The Ascension :D

For the time being, the guild will be for Humans, but later, depending on how the guild system will work, maybe it can turn out a mixed guild.
Hope I can go all into IG with this guild ^^

We don´t have much info yet, so there's also not much I can say about how the guild will work.
For now, I'll just say that it's meant to be an english speaking combat guild, with friendly environment and a good sense of aventure.
I want us to be a united guild.. a Family ^^

Currently, the only thing I ask from those who want to join is:

- Be mature, and not some childish kid;

- Be friendly;

- Have good sense of adventure;

- Above all, be serious about this game ^^

Since it's still early development, there is only one "rule" that I'm applying, and as I said above, I want the ones who join to be serious about this game, I hope that at least those who join show some interest and activity on Forum. So if you get innactive for more than 2 weeks, without any kind of warning, I'll kick those out.
Feel free to speak with me (Frost) in private message or on the Discord, I'll be glad to speak and get to know you :)

I leave you here the link to the Forum Topic of the guild:

And the official guild website along with our Discord channel: