Guild Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Tag: Sanc

Race: Beastman

Master: Vengu

Members: 114


Total Points: 1,754,805

Average Points: 15,393



Casual Beastmen guild. It's hard to say what this guild will look like on release because it's still so far away. If you just want to play in peace in a relaxed guild without annoying guild politics, schedules, powerhungry officers and other overly serious rules, this guild is the place for you. Let's build the biggest city on Arboreus! More information will follow.

What do we offer?
- A fun, casual, laid-back atmosphere.
- No requirements whatsoever to join.
- No requirements like voice chat, Discord channels or anything like that.
- Play however you like, no forced builds.
- Freedom to do whatever you want. You can use this guild as a social portal to make your own dungeon groups, PvP groups etc. This is not a guild with dungeon/PvP schedules that you have to abide to. With that said, if the guild grows big we'll probably regulate things a bit better to ensure nobody gets excluded from activities. I want to avoid fragmentation.
- A big guild city with everything you might need! Market, tavern, crafting stations, etc.

What we expect:
- Mature behaviour. Be respectful towards each other. Don't be uptight. We're a fun casual guild, not a hardcore PvP or dungeon guild. Be helpful to new players because we're going to need them.