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The Foundation: 5 quests and 10 reward tiers added

July 28th, 2017 at 4:20 pm

Discover even more ways to gain points through Repeatable Quests and unlock twice as many rewards as before in The Foundation!

It’s been less than one month since the release of The Foundation, our unique community engagement program. Looking back at its impact, we believe it’s been a clear success, even more considering it was only a first version that lacked a few key components.

Today, we’re glad to present to you the second iteration of The Foundation, with exciting additions both to quests and to the rewards ladder. Interested in a recap of what’s new before you check out the platform itself? Read on!

First of all, we have introduced the following 5 new quests:

  • Post a message on the forums (50 points for each day you make at least one post).
  • Read a Fractured news article (100 points for each article read).
  • Read a Fractured newsletter (100 points for each newsletter read).
  • Share Fractured news on Facebook (100 points for each article shared).
  • Share Fractured news on Twitter (100 points for each article shared).

They’re the first repeatable tasks in the system, and we believe they represent the best thanks possible for all of you who like to keep an eye on the development of Fractured and enjoy discussing with the rest of the community on our forums.

Ambassador ArmorFendyr Pet CompanionDynamight Gold

Now, let’s get to the part you’re looking forward too: rewards. As stated before, they haven’t been ignored either! 10 new tiers have been added, doubling the current total and featuring plenty of new exciting perks such as:

  • The Fendyr Pet, a lovely companion for all your future adventures.
  • The Emissary Tapestry, to be displayed in our homes.
  • The Ambassador Armor Skin, an improved, more imposing version of the Whisperer Armor Skin.
  • Two new titles, Emissary and Ambassador.
  • A ton of Dynamight Gold, the future premium currency of Fractured, that you’ll be able to spend in game to purchase plenty of stunning vanity items.

If you look at the new rewards ladder, you’ll notice that some of the already existing tiers have been moved around a little, mostly because of the addition of Dynamight Gold. In particular, the maximum of Daily Points is now achieved at much higher levels. This change, couple with the addition of repeatable quests, has been implemented to emphasize the importance of active participation over account age (which remains relevant nonetheless).

We hope you enjoyed all of the additions and the new chances to gain points! The next spotlight will be focused on the Fractured universe and its planets – be sure you don’t miss it!


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