FAQ - General - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



1. What kind of game is Fractured Online?

Fractured Online is an upcoming MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). A MMORPG can be played exclusively online and supports thousands of concurrent players connecting to the same persistent and shared game world.

2. Why did you call it “The Dynamic MMO”?

We’ve called it “The Dynamic MMO” because we believe in the principle that everything in the game should be influenced by the actions of the player, from the micro to the macro level and that nothing should ever be static and immutable.

We’ve embedded this view in the design of all the aspects of Fractured Online, such as combat, environments, economic systems, civilizations and character progression, so that you’ll be able to truly call every game session “unique”.

3. Is Fractured Online just another “gankbox”?

It’s not. We’ve always felt that sandbox MMOs tend to discourage players who don’t appreciate hostile interactions. Because of this, we have designed a unique universe that will allow you to choose whether to start in a brutal open-PvP environment (Tartaros), a solely cooperative one (Arboreus) or a mix of the two (Syndesia), according to your race of choice. Travels between planets and interactions with other races will be possible, but subject to limitations.

4. What are the camera and controls of the game?

Fractured Online uses an isometric camera attached to the player's character. The mouse is used for movement and to perform most interactions, including attacking and interacting with items and other creatures. Keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys are available for spellcasting and opening / closing different game menus.

5. On what platforms is Fractured Online available?

The game is being developed for computers running Windows, macOS and Linux. While support for all these three operating systems is planned to be available on full release, only Windows support is available during alpha, while macOS and Linux clients should be launched during beta or at full release.

6. Will I need a NASA computer to play Fractured Online?

Definitely not! We’re working to keep Fractured Online available on mid-range computers and laptops as well, including those a few years old.

7. Will I be able to play alone?

If by “alone” you mean “offline”, the answer is negative – you’ll need an active internet connection to play Fractured Online.

If you mean “solo”, the answer is positive – you won’t be forced to be part of a guild or a party to enjoy Fractured Online, since the game will also include content tailored to solo players and small groups. However, given that Fractured Online features a sandbox economy and an open world without instances, interactions with other players will happen, and are generally encouraged by game mechanics.

8. What business model does Fractured Online follow?

Fractured Online follows a “buy to play” business model. This means that a single initial purchase gives you permanent access to the game, without any content restriction!

On top of that, the game features an Item Store selling cosmetic perks and an optional VIP membership.

9. VIP membership? What's that about?

VIP membership is a monthly subscription planned to be priced around $10/month. It provides the following perks:

  • Discounts on Store items
  • Unique cosmetic rewards for accumulated VIP time
  • Other vanity rewards we might think of in the future
  • Additional study slots
  • Increased Knowledge Point gains

10. Is VIP membership "Pay to Win"?

Fractured Online characters are already competitive from day 1. The core of progression afterwards consists of completing tasks requiring you to travel and perform a wide range of exploration- and experimentation-related activities.

The bonuses from VIP membership have nothing to do with the above, since they only impact the passive “studying phase” that kicks in once the tasks have been completed. Moreover, they've been balanced so that they only speed up progression for "completionists" who want to learn a ton of abilities (beyond what's actually useful for each character). Because of this, VIP membership ultimately has no impact on actual PvP competition, not between individuals nor between guilds.