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Council of Elysium – Chapter Five – Twitch Stream

June 2nd, 2022 at 9:01 am

Join us live on Twitch for Chapter Five of the Council of Elysium community Livestream!

The Free Week has officially concluded and what better time to join us live on Twitch for chapter five of the Council of Elysium!

Join Knilpu and Arcahem to get all the latest happenings in Fractured Online and more!

When: June 3, 2022 9PM CEST / 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT
Where: gamigo’s official Twitch

Impending Troubles – Skeletal Invasion

The Skelatal invasion is impending!
A horse of nasty nasty skeletons has invaded the northern starter town on Myr, adventurers from all over are called to arms to defend Syndesia!

Where: -2555W -1077N on Myr
When: 9:30PM CEST, live on Twitch

Bring your friends, plenty of popcorn and get ready to pick a fight with the invasion, see you there!
Your Fractured Online team


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